Build #24.1.317.27920
11th March 2024
Win10/Win11 64bit Intel/AMD

Cinegize 2024 Introduction Video

What is Cinegize?

Remote Access + Low-Latency + High-Quality = Cinegize

Key Cinegize Features

The best solution for remote control of one or many PCs or workstations via LAN, Wifi or Internet. Full control over connection type, video quality and latency. Latency less than 1 fps  (16ms) depending on connection.

Software Only

No additional hardware needed - just the power of your discrete or integrated GPU - NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. Automatic CPU fallback when no GPU video encoding available.  


Cinegize uses AES-256 encryption and has no man-in-the-middle as the connection is peer-to-peer. Connect to multiple hosts at the same time. Works through most firewalls, no VPN required.

Open Protocols

No proprietary protocols. Just open standards: SRT, WebRTC and RTP.
Optionally, use public (or private) WebRTC and STUN servers.

HD, UHD, 8K and more ...

No resolution restriction other than you network connection speed. Use hyper-fast Daniel2 encoding for resolutions beyond 8K or for ultra-low latency encoding. 

Perfect for VM & Cloud

Virtual display adapter for remote access with GPU acceleration using VMs, VDI, cloud workstations or remote PCs without connected screen.

Quick sharing or installation as system service for 24/7 access

Quick screen sharing session 

Run Cinegize to allow temporary access to your machine or to present something to others.

Permanent Remote Access

Install Cinegize as system service for unattended 24/7 access. Install a virtual display adapter for use with VMs, cloud instances or VDI scenarios.

Cinegize in action

Remote full-screen video at full frame rate and with deep color

Video Editing, Game Dev, 3D Modeling etc.

Take your workstation or gaming rig with you, virtually. Connect via LAN, Wifi or any type Internet connection. Match compression and video quality to your requirements or bandwidth budget.

Multiple, parallel remote sessions

Connect to multiple host machines at the same time. Use tabbed windows, which automatically reduces the bandwidth to the connections not in the foreground.

What is Cinegize used for?

Cinegize Application Areas

Cinegize in Broadcast, Media + Entertainment

Broadcast, Media and Entertainment

Remote production, infrastructure in the cloud, any screen becoming a SRT source - only some of the broadcast applications of Cinegize.

Cinegzie in Education


Revolutionize distance learning and on-site education while maximizing resources and reducing maintenance.

Cinegize in Engineering


Use Cinegize for reliable everywhere access to graphics and compute-intensive modeling and simulation software at any time.

Cinegize in Finance


Lowest latency with highest resolution and best image quality combined with highest security and reliability - all the finance sector requires.

Game Development

Game Development

Wherever you are, your game development workstation can be with you - virtually. No trade-offs as long as there is a decent Internet connection.

Military and Government

Military and Government

Remotely access confidential systems and data from anywhere in the world, totally securely with reliable transport protocols.

“We wanted an on-premise, software-based KVM-over-IP solution that can do 8K60 4:4:4 10bit with zero latency.

Then we added low-latency Internet access with the best video quality possible.

A cheap < $200 Intel N100 based mini-PC is sufficient as a UHD client. Or any recent laptop. (No, we don't sell hardware.)

Intel N100 Cinegize Client Mini-PC